National phone for the price of a local call: 0700 70 775
National phone for the price of a local call: 0700 70 775

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Verification by wine is done by writing the entire frame.
The check is anonymous and there is no information about the car owner.
No registration required!
The first entries in the wine verification system were made on 14.06.2022.
All customers who have more than one car and want to view their history on their profile (together, not one by one) - please contact us by email:
They will be given a personal profile with a password (the password can be changed later by the customer)
The first entries per profile before the "check by wine" option came into operation are from 20.02.2021.
The data is automatically downloaded from the ERP system (sales management software) and in any way there is no possibility to delete or add anything other than the actual purchases of the customer!
Due to this fact, the story is 100% true.
Sometimes if a customer gives wrong information about a wine, or a part and/or he gave an item number, or due to modifications in the vehicle, an item is not correct for the frame, there may be a discrepancy.
In the case of shipments by courier, if the customer orders several frames of auto parts - the entry in the system can be refused - otherwise the entry will be incorrect.
Due to this fact, it is best for courier orders that the purchases are for a specific wine.
If you sell your car: a subsequent owner of the car can check what was bought for them and you can verify this through our system.
You no longer need to keep track of your purchases - our system takes care of that.
If you buy a car and auto parts are bought for it from us: You can see what has been done to it before buying it.
Enjoy our completely free new service!